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Activities for everyone. There is a wide range of activities you can do with your family or friends in Madagascar including, sports, adventure, encountering new and unique species of animals and plants! Coming to Madagascar is a unique trip that awaits you.
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There was some political unrest in 2002, which resulted in some airports being temporarily shut. Passengers who arrive in Madagascar on a long-haul flight from Air Madagascar can benefit from reductions on the order of 50% on the company's' internal flights.
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Temperatures begin to soar in the southwest during November and December with rains returning to Antananarivo, the central highlands and the north of Madagascar. December is definitely the best time to visit Madagascar if youre hoping to hit the beach.
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If you are planning to visit this incredible island and want some help or tips, feel free to contact us writing an email to The guide has been written by non-bounded Madagascar friends and is continually updated with the latest information.
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A National Road R8 in western Madagascar. I stayed 16 days in Madagascar and travelling around the island took A LOT more time than I was expecting, so I wasnt able to visit even half the places I wanted to before I left home.
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In the afternoon you will drive more than an hour out of the city to visit Lemurs in the closest park to the city where you can see several species. Along the way you will detour to Ambohimanga, palace of the queen of the old kingdoms of Madagascar.
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Madagascar is the worlds 4th largest island and famously referred to as the worlds eighth continent, due to its distinctive ecology that has allowed a unique and endemic island to evolve. After splitting with India over 88 million years ago, Madagascar is now part of the African continent and lies off the South East coast of Mozambique. Here are 7 reasons why you should visit this extraordinary country.
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I grew up in Madagascar and I have been back to visit a couple times since, the last time was in 2001. As far as air travel goes, I think that the last time Air Madagascar had a crash was in 1963 and while the cleanliness of the planes etc is not what one would expect in the U.S, all flights are pretty short.
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When is the best time to visit Madagascar? The best time of the year to visit Madagascar is probably September November after the cool, dry winter but before the hot rainy season. Cyclone season is February to March when the climate is at its rainiest.

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