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15 Best Places to Visit in Madagascar The Crazy Tourist.
Yep, there really is something for everyone in this jewel of the south! Lets explore the best places to visit in Madagascar.: A single name for a duo of resorts, Ifaty and its bigger brother of Mangily, also now confusingly referred to as just Ifaty too is a stretch of sun-kissed onetime fishing villages on the south-western edge of Madagascar island.
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VISIT MADAGASCAR WITH US. THE SPECIALISTS OF MADAGASCAR. Founder General Manager. Sonja is in Madagascar since she was 6 years old. She is originally from Germany so she started Boogie Pilgrim in 1988 to sell tours in Madagascar to her compatriots.

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Madagascar Travel: 25 Top Experiences and What to Know Before You Go Uncornered Market.
Our visit in July coincided with winter in Madagascar. It was surprisingly cold e.g, down to 45 F at night in the eastern highlands. Be sure to pack several layers of shirts, fleece jackets, and rain gear if you visit during this time.
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There was some political unrest in 2002, which resulted in some airports being temporarily shut. Passengers who arrive in Madagascar on a long-haul flight from Air Madagascar can benefit from reductions on the order of 50% on the company's' internal flights.
7 Reasons to visit Madagascar Africa Geographic.
Madagascar is the worlds 4th largest island and famously referred to as the worlds eighth continent, due to its distinctive ecology that has allowed a unique and endemic island to evolve. After splitting with India over 88 million years ago, Madagascar is now part of the African continent and lies off the South East coast of Mozambique. Here are 7 reasons why you should visit this extraordinary country.

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It has a stunning World Heritage Site. Youll need a guide to visit this World Heritage Site. The Bemaraha Tsingy is one of the oldest national parks in Madagascar and is formed with majestic limestone formation covering a labyrinth of 72300, hectares.
Madagascar Attractions: 10 Reasons to visit Madagascar.
27 27 482 2444. Madagascar Attractions: 10 Reasons why Madagascar could be racing up your bucket list. My personal Top 10 reasons to visit the island country of Madagascar by Kate Bergh. Madagascar has been described as the eighth continent of the world and I am not going to argue with that.

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